chapter 13-16

Chapter 16

In Carlisle`s shoes

I was sitting in my office enjoying a nice book when all of
a sudden. Edward had brought over his girl friend I was delighted he had
introduced me to her she was quit the looker. They nicely asked me to show some
of our history so I show them a painting of London in the 1650s. and then I excused
my self as I had to fill in for Dr. snow at the hospital. As I walked away I herd
Edward tell his girl stories about when I tried to kill myself when I found out
I was a vampire and how I discovered you can eat dear instead of humans.

Students Rebuild PBL !! read this ms caple

Reflect on the Students Rebuild PBL and the Two Days for Haiti Exhibition. How did your group work together to research, create a project and present it? What were the challenges and successes? What did you think of the exhibition as a way to present your projects?

it was a success except the fact the ms caple chose not to grade my project!!!!!!!!  i hope you read this because that was really unfair my project got lost so i made a new one witthin the time limit i was finished before it was due but noooo! you couldnt grade it !! you better give me all the credit it deservs and not a late subtraction!

psa thing???

Go to and find your groups PSA. Copy the embed code and paste it on your blog. Reflect on the process of creating your PSA. How well did your group work together and how did the PSA turn out? What difficulties did you face and what did you learn?

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we worked very good togeather all got allong an stuff so ya no problems